Acetic anhydride

Product Specification:
conforms to GB/T10668-2000

Chromaticity (Pt-Co):
Purity %:
Evaporation residual %:
Ferric content (as Fe) %:
Potassium permanganate mg/100L:

The standard for excellent grade product will be implemented as our company's internal quality control standard, Upon special request by customer, we can provide 99.5%min. or even 99.9%min. high purity product.                                         
Product detect result:
2.Packing and Transportation:
Packed in 200L plastic barrel, net weight: 200 KGS, gross weight: 209 KGS
It can also be loaded in railway tank or truck for the convenience of transportation.
3.Physical and chemical properties:
English name: Acetic Anhydride    
Appearance: colorless transparent buttery liquid
Molecular Formula: (CH3CO)2O
Molecular Weight: 102.09
Boiling point (℃): 138.65
Density: 1.0838 (Water=1)
Melting point (℃): -73.1
Saturated vapor pressure: 10mm mercury column (36℃)
Dissolubility can dissolve in most organic solvent such as Ethanol and Ether, will reactive with water to generate aceticacid.
Structural Formula:
It is irritant and acrid;
It is flammable, flare point: 315℃, explosion limits: 3-10%;
Acetic Anhydride is toxic, and it is irritant to eye and pneogaster mucosa, avoid direct contact with skin and eye, avoid inhalation. if it splashes to skin, flushig with plenty of running water or 2% soda solution immediately.