BPO(Dibenzoyl peroxide)

Product description: Dibenzoyl peroxide 75% with water 
CAS No. : 94-36-0                
Molecular weight : 242.2      
Theoretical active Oxygen content : 6.61%           
Appearance : White powder, no contaminations                      
Assay : 73.0-77.0%                     
Total chloride as NaCl : 0.3% max.                        
Inorganic acid as hydrochloric acid : 0.2% max.                       
Organic acid as benzoic acid : 0.5% max.                         
Physical properties:                     
Bulk density : 630 kg/m3, Major decomposition products                     
Carbon dioxide, Benzene, Benzoic acid                      
Packaging and transport:The standard packaging is a 5 kg polyethylene bag packed 4 per carton. Both packaging and transport meet the international regulations.                        
BPO is classified as Organic peroxide type C; solid, Division 5.2;
UN 3104; PG II.                     
1.Benzoyl peroxide is an excellent catalyst for free radical polymerization process,used in the production of polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and methacrylates and for the cross-linking of unsaturated polyester resins. 

2.Its catalytic activity will depend on several different factors including type of monomer,temperature and presence or absence of accelerators or inhibitors.