Urea formaldehyde resin adhesive

Technical index
transparent or Translucent thick liquid
Solid ( % )
50 ± 2
Free formaldehyde (≤ % )
Storage: cool and sealed.
Applications: MDF,HDF, Particleboard, Polywood,wood molding product, and strengthen bamboo flooring, relief doors, furniture components,Plant fiber products. etc.
Urea formaldehyde resin glue (UF glue)
Urea formaldehyde resin glue (UF glue)is a widely used amino resin adhesive with good performance,low cost and convenient manufacturering.Its main application goes to lunber processing industry as the glue for particleboards and as adhesive for plywood,wooden furniture and fine wooden products,small portion of it is used to produce molding powder,decorsting laminated boards,and finishing agents for papers and textile processing.
Product Features:
by adding water for dissolution
Quick solidification and high agglutination intensity
Ideal cold solidify and hot solidify
Excellent resistance to heat and weathering
Long storage life, and easy transportation
Main Specifications:
Appearance: white or yellowish powder
Water content:2%
Free formaldehyde: 0.1-1%
Volume density: 0.43kg/L
Storage: Stored in cool place with sealed package indoors,
at temperature 20 ‘C,12 months; 30’C , 6 months
Application Scopes:
Different artificial boards and other wooden products Dope, paint
Bamboo, wood and molded products
Plant fiber products