1. Structural Formula
Molecular formula: C4H8O2S
Molecular weight : 120.17
Other names: Tetrahydrothiophene dioxide, Thiocyclopentane-1.1-dioxide
CAS NO.: 126-33-0
2. Physical property of pure sulfolane
Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid
Density (30 ): 1261 Kg/m 3
Freezing point: 27.6
Flash point ( Closed bottle method ) : 170
Boiling point: 285
Safety property of sulfolane
It is low toxicity product,Oral rate (RAT): LD50>1900mg/Kg. According to the standard of the International Ocean Shipping Dangerous Cargo Regulation, sulfolane is not dangerous commodity and there is not pollution for ocean, so it can be transported as common commodity.
Package and transportation
The package is 200L new galvanized drum with nitrogen blanket. The net weight is 250KG/drum.
It can be transported by container or ISO tank.