Casein industrial grade

Industrial casein is produced from nature Yak milk by the new Bio-technology.It is a very useful material and in many fields it can not be replaced by others.Now we can produce it in 3 grade: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.Based on the good capability in agglutinating, filming, Polishing , emulsification and stabilization. It is a perfect stickiness material in ifferent applications.
Character:It is no crystallization and moisture absorption,The solubility is 0.8-1.2% in normal temperature water.Dissolving easier in watery soda and concentrated acid;dissolving minutely in organic solvent and 25℃ water sucking water expands instantly while putting into water, without particles combined.
Industrial casein Usage:
Paper industry: Glue, Polishing and Binder.
Leather chemical: The tanning material of leather & artificial leather and binder.
Paint:Producing the paint of waterproof, fireproof,high strength paint of building and the high hardness salt and acid proof paint for steel equipment,etc.
Plastic: Various catalytic agents in producing decoration materials.
Electric Chemical:Dealing the waste water in electroplate as well as the recycling of nonferrous metal;Processing the surface eatment before chemical plating Cu,Ni,Co,etc.On the surface of pottery (ceramics),glass,and other nonmetal materials.
Textile industry: To be additive in blending fiber.
Color: Creamy white or light yellow.
Packing:Paper bag with inner liner,25kg net.
Mesh size:30M,60M,and 90M.
Store:Store products under cool;dry,clean warehouse conditions valid of expiry date one year.
The quality index
Protein( on dry basis ): ----- % Min 86.00
Fat: ------------------------------ % Max 2.50
Ash: ----------------------------- % Max 2.50
Moisture: ----------------------- % Max 12.00
Acidity: -------------------------- Max 60.00°T
Viscosity: ----------------------- 500-3000mPa.s
insolubility: -------------------- /g Max 1.00 ml