Appearance: White, odorless, fine crystalline powder
Moisture :4.5%max.
Residue on ignition:1.5%max.
Heavy metals(ppm:0.0025% max.
Arsenic :0.0002% max.
Total Aerobic count:1000 max.
Total Moulds andYeasts:100 max.
Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Negative
(1) Improving the solubility of the drug, it can make insoluble drugs translating to Injection and so on.
(2)Improving the efficiency of biology medicine, to make
the curative effect increased and the dose reduced.
(3)Adjusting and control releasing rapidity of the drugs.
(4)Reducing the toxicity and side-effect
of drugs. For example, reducing the hemolysis of the drugs and the stimulation of the eyes and nose to the drugs.
(5)Swelling the stability of drugs
(6)Choosing the catalysis to engender the anisomerous configuration. To boost the large-scale benefit of the pharmic synthesis and the quality of drugs.
(7)Researching the probe of which can testing the differentiation of the gene.
(8)Filtrating the new drugs For example, in the physiological conditions, choosing
cooperating and decomposing the deposit substance in order to dredge the
blood vessel. Alternatively releasing to the drug’s assistant reagent.
(9)The newest research results shows that HP-β-CD and so on can
improve the Teslosternc’ absorption of the iatric molecule.
(10)Except that the functional cyclodextrin and ramification can get the important theory and applied value.
They can also incarnate the important theory and applied value in the
chemical field of biological chemical material chemical analytical chemical
environmental chemical and cosmetic food health care product and flavor.